BAA Stansted

BAA Stansted Fire Station

Although nothing to do with Essex County Fire & Rescue Service, there is a large Fire Service presence at Stansted Airport that is run by BAA, or British Airports Authority. Stansted Airport could not commercially or legally operate without an approriate level of fire and rescue cover to cater for an emergency, either in the terminal or in relation to an aircraft. The airport Fire Service, within the regulations defined by the Home Office, also has a responsibility to provide a level of fire & rescue cover up to 1km outside of the airport boundary in combination with Essex County Fire & Rescue Service. The station is manned by a number of whole time watches with a minimum staffing level of 15 firefighters, the minimum number of people required to crew all of the appliances. The station runs one domestic appliance, a hose layer and 4 Airport Fire Tenders full time and has two spare appliances.

My thanks goes to Steve and Geoff and other members of Blue Watch for their patience and co-operation in allowing me to take these photos.

Photos of each of the appliances on station in September 2007 can be seen by clicking on the links below:

J113 AEV Volvo FL6
N641 MAP Kronenburg MAC 11 Crash Tender
N646 MAP Kronenburg MAC 8 Crash Tender
N651 MAP Kronenburg MAC 11 Crash Tender
P859 UYJ Kronenburg MAC 11 Crash Tender
P861 UYJ Kronenburg MAC 11 Crash Tender
X447 NHJ Scania 124C 420
EO51 AYH Scania 94D 260
AE02 NVA Land Rover Discovery
EF04 LZA Land Rover Discovery
LC54 PRV Citroen C8 People Carrier
LC54 PSZ Citroen C5 Saloon