Petrochemical Exercise in Purfleet

Crews tested petrochemical firefighting procedures at Esso in Purfleet on Tuesday as they took part in Operation Gemma.

Grays, Orsett and Corringham Fire Stations used the exercise to find out what would happen if a tanker of high octane formula one fuel ruptured and ignited.

The exercise included the use of environmentally friendly training foam - supplied by Esso - and gave ECFRS crews and petrochemical officer Mark Samuels a chance to see how procedures would work if a fire should strike the COMAH site. It was also a chance to put partnershi working into practice with Esso and ECFRS teams working hand in hand.

Mark Samuels explained: “The exercise was organised by Divisional Officer Mick Osborne - one of the Service's petrochemical officers - and was designed to test the initial procedures of an incident for both ECFRS and Esso.

Another similar exercise is scheduled to take place at OIKOS, Canvey, in September.