Braintree Fire Station W78

Braintree Fire Station has two bays that accomodate two Appliances. The station is also home to the County's Hazardous Materials Unit There is also an ICTU training facility on the same site.
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ECFRS station code: W78
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Station opened: 1990
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Crew type: Retained
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Location: Railway Street,
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Location Map
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W78 Vehicle Allocation: Mercedes Sprinter - AV65 UVX
Scania P280 - EU10 FSZ
  Scania P270 - EU09 LPV

Below are a couple of photos of the former Braintree station in use up to 1990.

Braintree Fire Station circa 1982 - picture courtesy of Mike Bunn

Former Braintree Fire Station - picture courtesy of Mike Bunn